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    Botox is a neuromodulator delivered via injection to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles temporarily. This treatment works by relaxing the muscle movement around the injection sites, ultimately reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Common areas include forehead creases, crow’s feet, and frown lines. 

    At Allouez Family Dental, this non-invasive procedure provides instant results with no downtime required. 

    How Does Botox Work?

    When injected into the muscles of the face, Botox is absorbed by the nerves and interrupts communication between the nerve and the muscle. As a result, the muscle relaxes, and the wrinkles soften for smoother skin.

    Some patients who receive Botox treatments for their facial wrinkles also notice increased strength of the treated muscles, leading to a firmer jawline. This can help offset the effects of sagging skin and gravitational pull to help give your face a more youthful appearance. 

    Our dentists can determine the treatment plan that will work best for you during your consultation appointment.

    What Areas Can Botox Treat?

    Botox injections are most commonly used as a cosmetic treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and mouth for a younger-looking appearance. 

    However, Botox is also used to treat a variety of other issues. When injected into the jaw muscles, Botox can help relax them and prevent teeth grinding. This can reduce headaches and alleviate facial pain from TMJ disorders. It can be used to help relieve migraines and tension headaches as well. 

    In addition, Botox can be used to relax the shoulders, neck, and back muscles to improve posture and reduce back and shoulder pain. It can also be applied to the palms of the hands to treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Who Is a Good Candidate for Botox?

    Anyone who wants to look younger is a candidate for Botox treatment, but patients should be at least 18 years old and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can achieve. It’s also essential to be in good dental health and have healthy gums and teeth before receiving Botox injections. Pregnant or breastfeeding patients should delay the treatments until after they stop nursing or give birth.

    Avoiding certain medications up to three days beforehand is also essential to prevent bruising at the injection sites. Alcohol should be avoided the night before the treatment to reduce the possibility of swelling and bruising. Patients who undergo Botox treatment for TMJ disorders will experience a reduction in symptoms, but the treatment is not a permanent solution.

    Our dentists can help you determine if Botox treatments are right for you. Visit Allouez Family Dental at 2805 Libal Street, Suite C, Green Bay, WI 54301, or call (920) 339-8980 to schedule an appointment.


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