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COVID-19 Statement

The Team at Allouez Family Dentistry are taking the current pandemic VERY seriously.


We always hold our patients health and safety first and want the best in protection and service to provide our patients and staff with  safe and high quality oral health care.


Our Dental office will continue to practice universal precautions in addition to following the Covid-19 guidelines set by the ADA, WDA and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.


We will be contacting our patients whose appointments were moved and those who have upcoming appointments to determine if the appointment is right for you.


Extra precautions we will be taking include, but are not limited to:


- *Portable HEPA air filtration units: *These units filter out particles in the room down to 0.1 microns providing clean, pure, re-energized air within every room within 10-15 minutes time. If any procedure is used that creates an aerosol, the unit will be run a minimum of 15 minutes after the last aerosol is created before anyone else enters that room.


- Provider Temperature Checks: Our providers will be required to have their temperatures taken prior to their first patient arrival in the

morning as well as prior to returning from their lunch break in the afternoon.


- Patient Temperature Checks:  We have a contactless thermometer that we will use in the office. If a reading of 100.4 or higher is observed, that patient will be asked to reschedule and to monitor for any other signs or symptoms.


- *Observance of Signs or Symptoms of COVID-19*: Any patient or team member exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to stay home including, but not limited to; fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, bluing fingers and toes.


- Schedule Changes: We will be dramatically changing/staggering our schedule to allow more time between patients to sanitize and disinfect as well as eliminate any time spent in the waiting room.  If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle. We will text or call you when we are ready to seat you and a team member will escort you to the operatory.


- Mask Wearing: We recommend our patients wear a mask, if they have one, from the time they leave their car until they are seated in our dental chair upon which your hygienist or dentist will advise you to remove it. Upon completion of your procedure and before you leave the dental chair, we will ask that you place your mask back on.


- Eye Protection: Patients will be provided eye protection once in the dental chair.


-Polycarbonate Plastic Dividers: To protect you and our front office personnel a barrier will in place at the front office reception counters.


- Patient Family Members: First, we request that you do not come to our office with any family members. If a family member must accompany the patient, and are able to wait in the car, please have them wait in the car. If they are unable to wait in the car, up to one family member may remain in the room where your procedure is taking place. Otherwise, we would ask you reschedule your appointment. We do not want anyone waiting in the building/waiting room.


If you do not feel comfortable having any dental treatment at this time, we encourage you to cancel your appointment with at least 2 days’ notice prior to the appointment.


We will be looking into expanded hours and opening an additional day per week based on the demands of our valued patients’ and their needs.


Stay Healthy and Keep Smiling.